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[JP] 私たちはLOUD FESTです!アテネ、ギリシャ

アテネ、ギリシャ17-202015年9月! 祭りは(2002年から!)だらしの13年を祝うために そして、WE’RE LOUDのリリース – 90年代カセットパンク未知2xLP! ラインナップ クラブで@9月17日のpreparty MAGNETIX(FR) KOMODINA3(GR) ANOMALYS(NL) GAY ANNIVERSARY(GR) KYTTARO@18-19メインイベントで KIDS(こと) NEW BOMBタークス(USA) ACID BABY JESUS(GR) 役に立たない食べる人(USA) バズーカ(GR) WAU&LOS ARRRGHS! (ES) AVENUE Z(FR) リッパー(IT) LO-LITE(NL) OOPS THEE(それ) SULTAN BATHERY(それ) BIKES(デ) 9月20日:ギリシャ食品&ライブrebetikoの負荷で二日酔いのランチ! アテネ、ギリシャのKyttaro、クラブ、&ボイラーで チケット&会員: 金+土曜35€ 木+金+土曜45€ 日曜日59€ON木+金+土曜昼食 木+金+土・昼食2xLP79€ ギリシャの銀行はREOPENときに再びセール https://www.slovenly.com/were-loud-intl/

WE’RE LOUD FEST! Athens, Greece!

17-20 September 2015 in Athens, Greece! A festival to celebrate 13 years of Slovenly (since 2002!) and the release of the WE’RE LOUD — 90s Cassette Punk Unknowns 2xLP! THE LINEUP 17 Sept preparty @ AN CLUB with MAGNETIX (fr) KOMODINA3 (gr) THE ANOMALYS (nl) GAY ANNIVERSARY (gr) 18-19 Main event @ KYTTARO with THE […]

PREMIER: Dirty Fences

These freaks DIRTY FENCES have a brand new video premiering on Noisey… catch them touring with our friends White Mystery starting July 18th in Detroit!


San Juan, Puerto Rico Tumbled into LOS VIGILANTES snarling organ-laced swing is a touch of rockabilly, a whisper of surf, and some sweet, sweet doo-wop meant for slicking back your hair and cruising around lookin’ for action. The Vigilantes blend 50s rockabilly tones with punk and affection (and switchblades) MTV Iggy described them as “vital […]


France Plug it in and switch it on, but make sure your circuit breakers are fully operational. MAGNETIX are the ultimate French electro-rock super-hero diode with no other influences we can figure out other than Davie Allen and the Arrows starting static with Cramps in a sound clash live from Pluto (far out, dig?). Bringing […]


Lawrence, KS “Dirty and sludgy garage punk from this bunch. A lot of low end in the sound, which I like, and my neighbors don’t. The guitar sound is thick and near-syrupy, though there’s some biting distortion to give it more of an edge. The vocals sound like they’re sung through a bullhorn, usually annoying, […]


Cagliari / Sardinia, Italy At Slovenly Tours we feel it is our responsibility to force upon the public a perfect performance of straight up punk rock every now and then. Enter Sardinia, Italy’s Thee Oops! Their debut LP “Taste of Zimbabwe” stabs your fuckin’ eyes out with an EVIL blast of violent ’81 style hardcore: […]


Nowhere, everywhere, Earth Get ready to move with this guy behind your turntables, or behind his own portable turntables (or under them! They’ve been seen hanging upside-down — even from high up in a tree!) Deejaying parties is his break from his worldwide search for the planet’s best bands for his record label, Slovenly Recordings. […]