GETTING TO PUERTO ESCONDIDO – the best & cheapest ways

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Puerto Escondido has a little airport (PXM) and you can book flights via loads of websites & airlines that will connect and land you here – but there are cheaper & better ways to get here. Read on for our tips!

First of all, get your vaccine doses! You will be required to show proof of vaccination upon arrival to the State of Oaxaca.

Search with flexible dates via skyscanner.com – most international flights to Mexico arrive in Mexico City (MEX) or Cancun (CUN). 

Cancun is often cheaper, but if you’re trying to get to Puerto Escondido quickly, it probably won’t save you time or money to fly there. However, if checking out the Yucatan or Riviera Maya sounds good to you, afterwards you can fly direct & cheap to Oaxaca (OAX) from either Cancun or Merida (MID) airports.

Oaxaca’s capital city is not to be missed and is worth staying at least a few days – but the festival is in Puerto Escondido, on the state’s coast. The cheapest way down is by “camioneta” – you’ll arrive after about 7 hours for 200 pesos (about $10 US). You can also take a comfier bus, rent a car one-way, or fly. Check this page for details

Flying into Mexico City is going to be the best option for most. Mexico’s capital is also very much worth a visit, and there are frequent direct flights to Puerto Escondido. But cheaper than flying is to take a bus to Oaxaca City (500 pesos return via Autobus Oaxaca – tel/whats +525532313296). Then after spending a night or two there, take a camioneta to Puerto Escondido (see above)

Other tips: Mexico’s #3 airport is Guadalajara (GDL). Volaris flies direct from there to Puerto Escondido several times per week. We use it to get to Reno. Even though we have to spend a night in Guadalajara, we prefer it rather than spend most of a day in various airports, changing planes. 

You can also search for flights to Huatulco (HUX), it’s about two hours down the coast, and the transfer to Puerto Escondido is cheap via public transport.

If you live in the USA near the border, check flights from towns like Tijuana (TIJ) and Mexicali (MXL) – cross into Mexico & grab a domestic flight, it’s likely to be lots cheaper!

Feel free to reach out if you need any more travel tips – buen viaje!

-Español-  (pero si viajas desde fuera México hay más información internacional arriba!)

Puerto Escondido tiene un aeropuerto pequeño (PXM). Busca con skyscanner.com.mx para vuelos directos y baratos desde la Ciudad de México (MEX) o Guadalajara. Desde Oaxaca hay vuelos con Aerotucan, pero no son baratos.

Antes de viajar, tendrás que completar tu esquema de vacunación anti-COVIDvan a pedir la prueba a la llegada al estado de Oaxaca.

La manera más barata de llegar de CDMX a Puerto Escondido es con Autobús Oaxaca: 500 pesos ida/vuelta México<>Oaxaca (tel/whats 5532313296). Luego por 200 pesos más se llega en camioneta a Puerto Escondido. 

Desde Cancun y Merida hay vuelos directos a Oaxaca. Luego por 200 pesos te llevan en camioneta a Puerto Escondido.

También podrías buscar vuelos a Huatulco (HUX) – queda a menos de dos horas de Puerto.

Escribenos con preguntas, ayudamos como podemos! Buen viaje

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    • mench
      mench says:

      ciao Marco,
      all of the festival events are in Puerto Escondido, in various places, all within walking distance (or short taxi ride) of Hotel Capri.


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