There is a lot happening before & after WE’RE LOUD VIETNAM. Here’s a little calendar for those of you who are traveling from afar and making pre- and post- fest itineraries!

14 (Thurs): THE CAVEMEN in Singapore
15-16: THE CAVEMEN in Malaysia
15-16-17: IT’S GARAGE FEST! (Phnom Penh – facebook.com/events/510134936442156)
17-18: THE CAVEMEN in Bangkok, Thailand
19-20: THE CAVEMEN in Cambodia
21-24: WE’RE LOUD VIETNAM in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City – facebook.com/events/307548466520526)
26 (Tues): MONSTERS + CAVEMEN in Hoi An, Vietnam
28 (Thurs): MONSTERS + CAVEMEN in Hanoi, Vietnam
29 (Fri): MONSTERS + CAVEMEN in Taipei, Taiwan
29 (Fri): KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW at Coracle Festival, (Ho Tram, Vietnam – facebook.com/events/862167200805011)
30 (Sat): MONSTERS + CAVEMEN in Nagasaki, Japan
1-2 December: MONSTERS + CAVEMEN in Tokyo, Japan
3 December: THE CAVEMEN + FADEAWAYS in Tokyo, Japan
4-9 December: THE CAVEMEN in Australia
10-25 December: THE CAVEMEN in New Zealand
Jan 2020: THE CAVEMEN in USA + Mexico
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