Slovenly Recordings presents

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11-12-13-14-15 NOVEMBRE 2021 en el CAPITAL del SURF!


los DUG DUG’s (mexico)
the KIDS (belgium)
the RIP OFFS (san francisco)
the CAVERNARIOS (mexico city)
TELEKRIMEN (mexico city)
PÓDIUM (valencia, españa)
HUMAN TOYS (paris)
ETCETERA (mexico city)
the CONTROL FREAKS (california)
SORE POINTS (canada)
the VOODOO ONES (mexico city)
SLAB CITY (el centro, california)
los TERROR (chiapas)
+ más para anunciar! (TBA)


JONATHAN TOUBIN (new york city)
XTINE 16 (pennsylvania)
DENEPA PANKY (mexico city)
MATT WATSON (england)
TURISTA BANG BANG (benidorm, españa)
DAVID BRUCE (usa / mx)
PETE SLOVENLY (usa / italy / etc)
+ más para anunciar! (TBA)


In 2019, We’re Loud Fest went from Puerto Rico… to Reno… to Vietnam! After having put on three festivals in three different countries, the break forced upon us by a terrible 2020 was welcome in a weird way. But now it’s 2021, everyone in their right mind* has been vaccinated, and we’re ready for action.

We’ve been tentatively planning We’re Loud Oaxaca since the beginning of the year. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster… er, better yet, a bumper car crash of yes/no/maybe indecisiveness, followed by an optimistic & hopeful decision. And here we are, approximately one month before the show: Oaxaca is cruising COVID with a “green light”, and we’re happy to say to you all: IT’S ON!

We’ve got a great lineup for you, with DUG DUG’s, Mexico’s unsung and underappreciated heroes of 60s rock’n’roll and 70s psychedelia; the KiDS, who’ve been playing raw rock’n’roll since 1976, before punk was really a thing (and who are now considered godfathers of Belgian punk); and the RIP OFFs, 90s SF budget rock legends who, like the MUMMiES, finally said yes to us after a decade of trying to get them to play We’re Loud Fest.

That’s just the beginning: a slew of killer international bands and DJs have been announced, some surprises will remain unannounced, and our location this year is particularly special – because we live here now! When the pandemic began, we came to hide out & quarantine in Puerto Escondido, and we liked it so much that we decided to make a home here. So this year’s edition of We’re Loud Fest is also somewhat of a town-warming party for us.

This place is insanely beautiful. The weather is always perfect, the people are warm & welcoming, everything costs half (or less!) what it does in Europe or the USA, the waves are great for all levels of surfing at various beaches, Oaxacan cuisine & mezcal are exceptional, and sunsets are jaw-dropping in Mexico’s most biodiverse state. This is a place to spend weeks or months in, not days. Our wanderlust is nothing like it used to be — everything we look for when we’re traveling is already here — except for rock’n’roll — so we’re bringing it! and are very much looking forward to seeing you all here.

🎟️ TICKETS are 850 MXN / $45 USD and are ON SALE NOW on our WEBSITE (after you check out all the bands, scroll down and click TICKETS!)


* We’re referring to people from the countries most of our people will be arriving from, where vaccines are widely available (Mexico and the rest of N.America), Europe, etc. We’re well aware of the disparities in vaccine delivery to countries around the world, have made personal donations to organizations like UNICEF, and encourage you to do the same if you can.

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