VIRGINIA CITY is an old mining town that hasn’t changed much since 1859 when they started digging the hills up for silver. The sidewalks are still made of creaky wood and it’s famous for being HAUNTED.

In the 1860s in Virginia City, Mark Twain got his start as a writer for a local newspaper. In the 1960s in Virginia City, The Charlatans were the first psychedelic rock band to play live loaded on LSD.

Virginia City is an essential visit if you never have, and if you already have, we got some ideas that will make this like no previous trip! It’s only about 30 minutes up from Reno, so it’s been a longtime dream of ours to organize something up there. On Sunday April 15th, we’re going to rent some buses and head up around 2pm, back around 6pm. Book a seat for $20 (return trip) — what we can organize depends entirely on how many people do. If we fill a few buses, we’ll rent a place like Piper’s Opera House and have another day of great gigs! If it’s just one busload, we’ll set up a gig at a place like the Red Dog Saloon. Or if it’s just a small group, we’ll check out the cemetery and drink our hangovers away to some live country music at the Bucket of Blood Saloon.

Tickets for Debauch-a-Reno go on sale on January 18th. You’ll be able to book a seat on the bus then, too, at

some Virginia City links to check out:,_Nevada,_Nevada) #wereloudfest #debauchareno2018 #stickerguy #slovenlyrecordings

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