Starting today (March 31st), and for the entire month of April, Slovenly will pass along 19% of the sale of each of our releases directly to the bands. This is completely separate from our normal yearly royalty payments, and will be paid to our artists in early May.

So let’s say five people buy the Personal and the Pizzas LP. That means we’ve set aside enough bread (garlic?) to buy them a pizza! About 10 Puppy and the Handjobs 7inches sold could get Puppy a new pack of adult diapers! Get the picture?

We’d be nothing without all the artists that keep this label crucial, and in these troubled times, we felt this was the best way to get them a little something extra they can use.


RECORDS SOLD VIA (USA & Puerto Rico) (Mexico) (Canada & Rest of World)


Sale applies to all Slovenly & Black Gladiator releases, as well as the 

Mondo Mongo, I Shit In The Milk and 702 Records imprints!


Sale applies to all physical formats!

7”, 10” 12” and CD’s too!


If you want a download for your records after purchase, write and we’ll hook ya up! 

Watch our social media for reminders every week during the sale — we’ll be adding a new FREE DOWNLOAD each time! Start with our 2010 sampler:

Slovenly 2010 Sampler

Slovenly 2015 Sampler

Slovenly 2018 Sampler

ENJOY! and please:
stay safe at home as much as possible
warsh your hands / cough into elbow
wear a mask when you go out (make one if you have to!)
keep your distance from others  #masks4all

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