Brooklyn, NY, USA

Black Gladiator is back on the map with the only album that’s ever made me want to grow my hair and shake it about: the debut, mucked-up and hella fuckin’ cruddy long player from Brooklyn, NY’s THE PSYCHED! Psyched soul members Anthony Macbain (from Black Gladiator alumni & Brookline, MA devil worshippers TUNNEL OF LOVE) and Paul Weil (ex-DC legends THE APES), smash 9 tracks of huge, mid-tempo boom & thud over the top of your skull, adding a filthy, next level doom-metal element to the OG Tunnel of Love raw rock’n’roll blast, like a total punk version of Electric Wizard. The album is a souped-up version of the primitive, two-piece live show, and both are necessary for the total Psyched experience. What else can I say other than I hate your guts for having to convince you that this record is the shit. GET IT or SUCK IT (on LP or CD, BITCH)!