Venues are reserved for We’re Loud Vietnam, but the event is over three months away, and things can change rapidly in Saigon. So we are not yet prepared to provide answers to our most Frequently Asked Question: “where is the venue?”    Also because, as we said back in June, we won’t be in just one venue – events will be happening in various parts of the city.

Below is a map with stars – marking the approximate planned locations for our events – as of today, August 5th. Please keep in mind that things could change between now and November, and they probably will. But this map provides a rough idea of what area of the city our events will spread over. It is a large area, but the distance between the farthest two yellow stars is around 11km, or around 30 minutes on a motorbike. Getting around on the back of Grab motorbikes is easy, cheap, and fun. It’s very much a part of the Saigon experience.

There are LOADS of great apartments available via sites like Airbnb and Agoda. Expect to pay as little as 10-20 Euros per night for a private apartment for two (!)    Hostel beds are, of course, even cheaper.



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