F.A.Q.  (frequently asked questions)

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F.A.Q.  (frequently asked questions)


Do you have tips on travel to and from Venice & Naples? 

Yes! Please read this page, which also has lots more details that might answer other questions you have.


Where will the gigs & parties happen?

In Venice, the main parties will be on boats, in the canals of the old city. The pickup/dropoff location will be five minutes walk from this bridge: Ponte dell’Accademia

In Naples, we’re still awaiting confirmation on our venues, so please stand by!

The mid-week destinations will be announced in August after we arrive in Italy and are able to confirm them in person.


What will be the cost of accommodation and where should I book?

We recommend waiting for more details from us before booking in Venice or Naples. Both cities are very compact and walkable, but distances can still be long, and some venue locations are yet to be confirmed. If you don’t want to wait, you could book near the Santa Lucia train station in Venice; for Naples, check this map from 2017 — we recommend a place within these boundaries.

Accommodation details for the midweek destinations will be announced in August after we arrive in Italy and are able to confirm them in person.

Costs will vary greatly based on your demands. There will be options for everyone, from a spot to pitch your tent, to a 4-star hotel. We are working to score deals on mid-range accommodation — simple, clean rooms priced around 30€ per person per night.


Does the Full Pass include transportation from Venice to Naples?

No, but it does include access to the group discounts we will be entitled to. For example, the train leaving Venice normally costs 66€ – when we buy the tickets as a group of 10+, we’ll get a 20% discount. In total, around 100€ should cover all travel costs from Venice to Naples, with two stops at our midweek destinations.


Can I buy a ticket for Venice only?

In Venice the space on the boats will be very limited, so we will sell those places first to those who come for the whole week via the Full Pass. If, closer to the date, there are still seats available, we will sell a Venice Pass for 1-2 October.


Can I buy a ticket for Napoli only?

Yes! Napoli weekend passes are 49€ and go on sale on June 6th at sloven.ly/italy


Can I buy tickets for individual days?

We’ll announce news on door tickets sometime in September (if we have any tickets left to sell!)


Still have questions?

Email us!   wereloudfest -at- slovenly.com

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