EPISODE 2 of 2
second part of the film report from We’re loud Fest in Istanbul, 19-21 October, 2018!

Capturing a moment in which Istanbul’s vibrating energy is once again a global crossroads, this time for the trans-world punk underground rock’n’roll scene!

With music from:

POSTER-ITI (istanbul first lineup reunion!)
BIZNAGA (spain)
THE KIDS (bloody belgium)
CRUDEZ (istanbul)
ANMLS (santiago de chile)
TH’ LOSIN STREAKS (california)
THE CAVEMEN (new zealand)

produced by:

Slovenly Recordings & Rotten Babuino Entertainment Ltd
Direction, sound, editing: Enrico Stocco
Camera: Onursal Yazman, Kırçiçeği Luna Aydoğan, Enrico Stocco

Thanks for helping make We’re Loud Istanbul possible: Yaprak, Kaan Duzarat, Tolga, Eunice, Basak, Eren, Gizem, Christen H, Guney, Can Wargasm, Aybike, Goksu, Alpan, Ali, Barbaros, Aysegul, Spike, PitPro, Taner, Nolf Kaka, Rin Isioka, Rashit, Muaf Kadikoy, Low Sexual Desire, all the artists who played, and everyone who came out!


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