Mike BLAHA from The Blind Shake on tour in the EU – wicked new Slovenly single in the works!

BLAHA is the solo project of Mike Blaha from intense Minneapolis surf-psych band The Blind Shake. His new album The Art of Not (Wet Bridge Records) is like watching someone’s brain slowly clench into a fist as the tension builds between catchy pop songs, intense surf/punk and dark, sonic obsessions.

The project erupted after a buildup of over 100 songs that fit less and less as Blind Shake songs given the lone gunman vibe and increased use of melody and dynamics. Now BLAHA has bloomed into a four-piece touring band, featuring current Karl TeBeast(The Blind Shake) on drums, Dylan Rosen on guitar, and Allison Gunderson on bass.


03/22/17 UK Manchester, Mark Riley Show BBC6
03/22/17 UK Manchester, Soup Kitchen
03/23/17 UK Nottingham, Pete’s Place
 03/24/17 UK Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
03/25/17 UK
03/26/17 UK London, Shacklewell Arms
03/27/17 BE Brussel, Homeplugged
03/28/17 NL Groningen, Kult
03/29/17 DE Hamburg, Komet
03/30/17 NL Arnhem, Tape
03/31/17 NL Breda, Pier 15
04/01/17 NL Amsterdam, Pacific Parc
04/02/17 NL Eindhoven, Stroomhuisje
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