28 JAN: Santa Clara – El Mejunje
29 JAN: Ciego de Ávila – la Parrillada
30 JAN: Sancti Spiritus – Casa de Cultura

We have raised over $700 in the donation jar, but need $1200 more, because the flights ended up costing $1900 — the cheap seats sold out and then the fuckers added some surprise taxes & fees at the very end.There are more important things to make substantial donations to at the moment, like the firefighters in Australia: click here

And Earthquake relief in Puerto Rico: click here

ex-Anomaly Menno Stegeman’s refugee mission to Lesbos: click here

…but if you can throw us a few dollars, please write to mailthecavemen@gmail.com and we’ll tell you how. We’ve now been declined by THREE different crowdfunding sites because of the bullshit fucking USA embargo against Cuba.

More info is posted here!



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