A new episode of Slovenly on the Spot is now live. Shot in London a couple weeks ago and featuring footage from Atomic Suplex, Trash Culture and Dross (w/ Paul from The Cavemen)!

Spearheading London’s return to its 1977 punk rock roots, long-standing punk night Garageland focuses on late ’70s classic punk rock and garage punk. London. Brighton.

Friday 18 March at The Shacklewell Arms, Garageland presents Atomic Suplex, Trash Culture & Dross


Atomic Suplex

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“There is no way to accurately describe Atomic Suplex, though many have tried: rock and roll mayhem… loud, raucous, trashy, punky, rock and roll… like Guitar Wolf on mescaline… That might give you some idea.

If you want some raw, visceral rock’n’roll thrills this band comes highly recommended. Just prepare for the need to go and lie down in a darkened room after listening to them.

Trash Culture

Trash Culture is the perfect soundtrack on a Friday night as you crack your first beer, jump and pogo. Trash Culture is the culture of just about living, working for records, beers, rehearsals and gigs. Trash Culture is getting inspiration out of shitty jobs rising out the shit every weekend to be pissed off during the week.

Trash Culture is playing music because we have to, for if we don’t we will kill our work colleagues.


Short attention span punk from London.

Members of Dead Meat, The Cavemen, Trash Culture & the Speedways.

Bloodstains Across Haringey

… a barrage of short attention span frenetic punk.

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