If you work in, or own, a record store OUTSIDE of Europe, the entire Crypt Records catalog is now available at wholesale via Slovenly Recordings – we are now officially the supplier for ALL the wild-ass CRYPT crapola! Chances are you’re already on our list, but if you have any doubts about that, drop me a line here with your store info and email address. We’re offering 10% off of ALL Crypt / Slovenly titles for the next couple weeks to help get you started.

Pete, Christine, Tim and I (and the swell hump-busting fellows at our warehouse in Reno) have been working on this since September. Tim was here then and we broke down his storage unit in Easton, PA sending THREE TONS of records back to Hamburg, and an additional ton to Reno, and all the remaining stock from Crypt’s old US distributor was sent to Reno. Then all the data bullshit and organization was handled. It’s DONE. This partnership is a dream come true for us. We’ve never been in the distribution game before, but we’re now rocking for our favorite label of all time as our sole client.

From Tim…

Crypt Records and Slovenly Recordings are proud to announce that we two wee labels have brazenly performed a Gay Marriage of Solidarity against the repressive / repulsive new Trump era, and shall perform most unashamedly our Amour in public. It is our stance against the full Corporatisation of the Rocque Musique establishment. And we could not be prouder. POWER to the PEOPLE. And to us low on the indie cred meter.



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