Gravesend, United Kingdom

Gravesend, UK, home of THEE MVP’S, is a stones throw from Billy Childish’s Chatham, and Mssr. Billy’s primitive Medway beat has seeped into the territory and minds of this pretty new and pretty ugly combo. Also taking a cue from San Francisco’s Coachwhips, Thee MVP’S have laid a Slovenly stomper on us with “Oh Sally”, an ode to leader Charlie Wyatt’s Fender Mustang “Sally,” and written with his rockabilly playing father. True story. The flip here is a tough dancefloor mating ritual known as “Amok Time,” named for the second season premier of the original Star Trek series where Kirk and Spock go toe to toe against each other on planet Vulcan. A solid debut from this rapidly rising Limey garage-punk crew.