Cagliari, Italy

Ripper 1! Ripper 2! Ripper 3! Ripper 4! Yeah, that’s the names of these 4 Sardines from Italy that comprise the wildest freak-beat combo of our times… THE RIPPERS! These mod maniacs have been steadily pounding out trans-world punk rave-ups since 2002.

These cats can play! Possessing the tightest chops of any 60s punks making music today, The Rippers literally RIP through speedy blasts of quality, high-octane European rhythm’n’blues. With snot factory vocals, super screwy guitar breaks and a frogs-ass-is-watertight rhythm section The Rippers willl have you whipping out the switchblade comb from your back pocket and threatening your algebra teacher. Let’s not forget the mad harmonica wail and even a song with the Bo Diddley (R.I.P.!) beat that’s sure to have all the cool kids shakin’ in study hall! Real rock’n’roll is alive, well and RIPPING!

Photo: Gianfilippo Masserano