Bern, Switzerland

What the fuck did we do to deserve this? Swiss trash punk legends THE MONSTERS are finally draggin’ our wee label down into the sewer after over 30 years of corrupting kid’s craniums with their corrosive caterwaul, and who are we to do anything but succumb? Lightning / Reverend Beat-Man and crew are blowing atomic snot rockets across this new 7incher – their first record in a coon’s age – with a catastrophic blast of breakneck scuzz’n’scum on “I’m a Stranger To Me,” backed with an exercise in desperate ‘n dumb destructo-doom on the flipside’s “Carpool Lane.”

These two disturbing tracks are brand new, never before issued recordings, but in true Slovenly style we also have a cassette ready for your hoopties and ghetto blasters with a bonus selection of previously released Monsters’ shit including “Blow Um Mau Mau,” “Baby OK,” “Ce Soir” and “More You Talk Less I Hear You” (from the album “Pop Up Yours” 2011), “One Woman Is Not Enough” and Happy People Make Me Sick” (from the album “M” 2016), and “I’m Always Wrong” and “Get On The Right Track baby” (from the album “Birds Eat Martians” 1998).