Valencia, Spain

Slovenly Recordings is fully amped to present the debut LP from PÓDIUM de València. Conceived by Nick Trampolino, armed with a drum machine and a guitar, this once personal project quickly evolved into a five-piece platoon with the addition of Salva Frasquet on guitar, Ximo Barceló on bass, Miguel J. Carmona on drums, and África Mansaray on vocals. Pulsating with the epic aggression of hardcore, the impersonal and perverse tone of industrial metal, and fully balanced with the liveliness of the authentic surf scene, we’ll be so bold as to describe them as a curious mixture of Ministry (circa ‘89), Man or Astroman? and the goddamn Go-Go’s ablaze with the pyromaniacal tendencies of Steve Albini’s Shellac. The combination of speed, skill and abrasiveness here converts every track into a 2 minute descent into the kind of hell you’ve been dying to enter.

The creative motor of the band is precisely this mixture of hate, anxiety, and fear that we perceive in the pommeling and obsessive riffs that constantly intertwine the guitars and bass. The drums are simple, linear and robotic, having deliberately taken out the dynamic possibilities to guarantee maximum protagonism and criminal coolness.