Venice, Italy

Slovenly’s first ever split 7inch is finally here, a mere 250-some releases after kicking shit off back in the stone age of the 20th century, and this nasty platter is geared with an ungodly racket from two of our very favorite purveyors of supersonic catastrophe! From Venice, Italy, our squid ink pasta slurping pal who sometimes goes by the name WASTED PIDO when striking out on his own trash rock excursions, rounds up his wee crew DESTROY ALL GONDOLAS for their side “Death By Hamburger,” and we promise you it sounds as dumb as it sounds. Kobe, Japan youth gone mad G​​​Ū​​​TARA KYŌ – the stars of our 200th release, the self-titled 10” with a big hole that shocked the world stupid in 2017 – are back with two tracks in which they attempt to destroy Destroy All Gondolas for the most epic clash of the titans since Godzilla versus Megalon. Which mob will emerge victorious? All we know for certain is without this record on your hi-fi, the only loser is YOU.