Nowhere, everywhere, Earth

Get ready to move with this guy behind your turntables, or behind his own portable turntables (or under them! They’ve been seen hanging upside-down — even from high up in a tree!)
Deejaying parties is his break from his worldwide search for the planet’s best bands for his record label, Slovenly Recordings. He spins the best punk, soul, garage, rhythm & blues movers he’s found on vinyl from the past five-odd decades.
DISCO SUCKED, TECHNO BLOWS! Pete cites inspiration from the epic Disco Demolition Night, Chicago, 1979, and is convinced that techno is not music. Techno is a beat that is easy for modern humans to dance to in clubs, and in so doing, they’re unknowingly reducing themselves to a lower form of life as the the mindless, robotic thump and computerized beat sucks what little soul they might have remaining from within. The masses believe they’re having fun, while the truth they don’t care to admit to is that they don’t like the song they’re dancing to (because it’s not a song) and that they only pretend to like it because everyone else around them seems to.
DJ PETE SLOVENLY is happy to provide an alternative, providing primitive beats by living, breathing, fucking, intelligent souls! Groups of humans playing instruments with strings and skins! Recordings played from vinyl, like the original DJs (that stands for Disc Jockeys, kids) did on the radio…

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