Founded in 2002, Slovenly Recordings was a new direction for label veteran Pete “Stickerguy” Menchetti. Having just scrapped his 702 Records (Scared of Chaka / The Loudmouths) imprint, Pete was on a mission to release only the best in psyched out garage punk shit rock for crazy kids all over the planet. Starting with a very fine full length release by the Netherlands caveman blues duo Lo-Lite, Slovenly has grown to be one of the world’s most prolific labels for totally bonkers REAL rock’n’roll with over 150 releases to date.

Slovenly is a small, yet world-wide, organization made up of a tight crew of rock’n’roll lifers whose passion is live and recorded deadly sound. We have offices in Pennsylvania (home of our USA mail order), Berlin (home of our worldwide mail order), Tokyo, and our homebase in Reno. We’re working hard to get you the sounds you need for the fully enriched life of savagery that you deserve.

Slovenly imprints: BLACK GLADIATOR – A&R handled by Slovenly label manager DJ Bazooka Joe; MONDO MONGO – featuring global bands singing in their non-English mother tongue; I SHIT IN THE MILK – reserved strictly for trash (basura!) from Spain.

All of our releases are available on vinyl with many on CD as well. We have an extensive selection of 7inch titles available, too